New Jersey

We once called the Lone Star State our home but now live in the beautiful Garden State.  I wanted to dedicate a page to the place we now call home.   New Jersey has definitely won my heart.  I'd like to share what I like about it, pictures of new places I visit, and things I learn about life here along the way.

#1.  I love that all the gas stations here are full service! I took this picture outside of a little shop in Point Pleasant, NJ.

#2.  For Mother's Day we went down the shore. (read about it here)  I am in love with New Jersey coastal towns, beaches, and boardwalks.  My children have only been to the beach twice in their entire lives.  Now that there is so many beautiful beaches less than an hour and a half away, we will be going very often.  They enjoyed playing in the sand so much.

#3.  There are adorable little shops in many of the coastal towns.  This one in particular, I fell in love with. 

#4.  New Jersey has so much to offer when it comes to the great outdoors.  There are rivers, beaches, lakes, and ponds.  Mountains, flowers, and lush vegetation...and all of this so close to home.  We don't have to drive for hours to see nature's beauty at it's finest.  Here are pictures of Palisades Interstate Park which is 5 miles from our home.  It has hiking and biking trails, boat ramps, picnic areas on the Hudson River shore, and on top of all that, an amazing view of the George Washington Bridge.  Read about our visit here.